Rafael Cauduro


     1950 He was born in Ciudad de México.

     1968 – 72 He studied education on architecture and industrial design, on the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.

     He gets his first exhibit in 1976 on the Lake House / Casa del Lago in Chapultepec.

     In 1981, he starts professionally in the Misrachi Gallery, who represents and promotes him for several years.

     In 1984, he's individually presented as an artist for the first time in the Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum.

     In 1985, he starts a professional relationship with Alex Rosemberg Gallery in New York City.

     In 1986, he makes / performs / develops the controversial mural “Comunicaciones” in the 1986 World Exposition on Transportation and Communication in Vancouver, BC.

     He joins the Louis Newman’s Gallery in 1988.

     In 1989, he creates the murals “Escenarios Subterráneos” in the subway station of Insurgentes in Mexico City.

     In 1991, he presents individually at the Museo de Arte Moderno and in the Tasende Gallery in Los Angeles, California in 1995.

     In 1995, his work is presented in the Sala Nacional of the Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum.

     In 1997, he incorporates to the Acquavella Gallery.

     In the year 2000 he is invited as a resident artist in Pilchuck School of glass where he gets involved with glass.

     He gets invited in 2001 by the Bullseye factory and gallery in Portland, Oregon, as a resident artist in their facilities.

     Early 2009, he finishes / concludes the “Siete Crímenes Mayores” mural for the Supreme Court of Justice de la Ciudad de México.

     In May 2014, he inaugurates / open the “El Condominio” murals in the Cauduro Building.


Past and present collide in his universe of images: the unrepeatable and the everyday things, the mythical world is decontextualized and invades what is apparently real. Cauduro’s painting proposes a transfiguring vision of objects and the closed areas in which they appear. Is the astonishment of what underlies in each of the evoked scenes, brought together by the gaze and the memory in the same instant in which, in the form of collage, new relationships are created only admitted by the logic of oneirism.

It is about work that reflects a permanent desire / will to reinterpret the architectural space and the valuation of the object manufactured in the 20th century, as essential elements in the collaboration of personal visual narrative around death, women, and time or Christian iconography.

Representative of the current known as hyper realism in Mexico today, Cauduro’s work has earned international recognition in numerous exhibitions, carried out through a career of more than 40 years.

By Rafael Tovar y de Teresa.

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